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Express your style with your experience! Luxury that endures is not difficult to achieve. As the lines between impressive style and an inspiring space rely on the perfect flooring, Parquet Flooring is synonymous with luxury interiors and is growing to be life-changing material in the modern interior world. Here are reasons to choose parquet and style your abode of happiness. It is a Key to Eternity Accentuating positivity with its look Parquet achieves the unique aesthetics aspired by all. Adding an interesting twist to the interior parquet from brands like Ter Hurne from Casa Milano offers a royal look. Providing the charm and the best quality the craftsmanship of the parquet dates back to the 17th century. In the modern interior world, it is the right material when considering renovating or redesigning an office or home. Originating 17th century in France the parquet style flooring was popular among the royals and upper class. Today it has proved to be a material with personality. Textures of Wisdom The excitement shared by the colored schemes with the shades, depth and designs elevates the mood of your space. Parquet flooring makes any space personal while adding life to interiors. Talk the Green Difference Thinking of having your inner world redesigned to impress you while you walk down the entrance? And have you thought about how it can be done while being kind to the environment? Parquet Flooring is your answer! Recycled and re-engineered from the destroyed piece of floorboards, the material of products like Ter Hurne flooring from Casa Milano are sourced from the sustainable forests keeping a balance between the well-being of nature and trend intact while taking the right route in the modern interior world.