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The ‘ikonhouse’ concept was born from the marriage of two intrinsic considerations in architecture. The first is the material elements like furniture, lighting and flooring. The second is the control of environments through integrated automation systems. The result is a globally unique lifestyle retail concept presenting arrangements of branded original designs and cutting edge electronic technology.

At ikonhouse, our mission is to inspire our local community in believing in and appreciate the value of things made properly. Craftsmen truly love what they do and take pride in achieving perfection every time, with dedication and skill. They are the guardians and practitioners of ancient traditions, passed on from generation to generation. These artisans produce things of great quality, built to last, from carefully selected materials that will grow patina through their use, showing the experience of life and giving these items their ultimate character. Who does not crave to own that classic lounge chair wherefrom grandparents have been telling their stories over the years? It is now your turn to tell your own stories to your own children and grandchildren from that same chair.