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Ulti trend technologies provide smart home automation services and solutions in UAE.
We offer the latest trending technologies in the market for residential projects. A british managed company following highest international standards and applying it all around UAE.
We help transform your under construction house into a smart home that can be controlled and monitored from your mobile, even if you are outside the country. Our technology home automation controls all electrical functions of your AC curtain, light in the most advanced way. The use of CCTV of ulti trend technology makes it possible to see how far the security of home is in this advancing age. The old traditional system of doorbells has been ditched and the new intercom system is emphasizing.

Ulti trend provides an excellent sound system. At home or in the office, the apartment provides a modern Wi-Fi connection without disconnecting any corner network. Only ulti trend Technologies can make it possible to enjoy a film theatre effect movie at home on your vacation with your family at most affordable price.

In a single mobile application you are able to control and monitor AC’s, Lights, Curtains, Music, Cameras, TV’s, Water Heater, Gates, in addition to Intercom and Wi-Fi. We priorities energy efficiency, time savings, money, security, network connection etc.

All conventional old switches and thermostats can be cancelled and summarized in a single keypad or screen that will be customized as per the ten ant needs, also can be replaced with a wall-mounted ipad. We also work with you to provide special care for your dream home.

Our services are not only limited to villas, but also covers hotels, offices, apartments, yachts, malls and even smart cities. how big projects are done with the help of highly trained and experienced experts